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Male, 30, Italy. Music, videogames, starships, abstraction ?, irony, idealism and resignation. and stuff. check out the #gaming tag in my blog for screenshots I make of my favourite games
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Bad guys

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did you say something?

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Sanctuary rooftops

My new favourite outfit 

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Sanctuary by night

Zer0 - Heads and Skins


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So I was able to enable no hud + flycam on Borderlands 2!

Get ready for some of the best screenshots you’ve ever seen! :D

Borderlands 2 + Third Person Mod

Motherfucking Morrowind Overhaul, man.

More Morrowind Overhaul scenery pictures

so my girlfriend started playing Fallout: New Vegas again, and I took the liberty to install some mods and take some screenshot of her character.

Here’s Kitty the wasteland courier. 


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