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Here’s a collection of some of my favourite screenshots from The Witcher.

I can’t believe I never really got into this saga before. 

I even tried to play it twice before but ended up forgetting about it. It’s a long and complex rpg with peculiar mechanics and its learning curve is quite steep, but the feeling of reward that comes after you’ve gone past it is unique.

I love this game.

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A lit torch in a wardrobe.

Gaming logic.

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seriously though, if this is the best name you could come up with for your videogame, you probably shouldn’t have made a videogame in the first place.

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So this guy just got out of his place at 7am, said “I’m horny” and then sat alone in front of an unlit campfire.

Poor soul.

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The Witcher - Bridge of Vizima

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The Witcher - Bridge of Vizima

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Surprise attack !

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Krogan food shop on Omega

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Quality Bioware product

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Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memory