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So I started playing GamersGoMakers, which is a game developer simulator and there’s a feature that allows you to generate random game titles. At first I found it a little funny, I mean, this one was just silly..


And then the top ranking games of the year appeared and gave us these beauties..


"The Return of the End of Time" 

I also liked “Fortunate Ronald”, it sounded optimistic. We were laughing quite a lot at this point, how could this get any better?

But then..




Well that escalated quickly

Spec Ops: The Line is 80% off on steam and only £3 for the next two days. Do me a personal favour and get that game.

I mean it.

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Did you mean 


I made this card for my boyfriend, it’s actually his birthday tomorrow but I got too excited and gave him his card early :3

Happy Birthday n0l4n! x

Best birthday card I ever received in my entire life! :D

You’re the best girl ever, thank you kitty! 



i still can’t get over that the dragon age world is called Thedas because The Dragon Age Setting -> TheDAS -> Thedas

Lol I remember Jolee’s line in this scene made me laugh so much

He replies "twelve… no, wait… fifteen!"


Motherfucking Morrowind Overhaul, man.

More Morrowind Overhaul scenery pictures

Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds and Graphics is a “compilation” of mods for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that updates the game with hd textures, draw distance, better meshes and models and anything you could wish for to experience this wonderful adventure in the east of Tamriel as never before. Strongly recommended for any Elder Scrolls fans!


I started playing Oblivion the other night and I can already see my life being consumed by this game :3

I met some cute animals and have been spending a fair amount of time picking ingredients for alchemy and making spells.. I’ve barely even done any quests and I’m loving it haha

hey look, it’s home.

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Yup, thanks.





Thank you.

if fucking call of duty, widely believed to be one of the most military macho power fantasy game series can do it what excuse is left


Wow, not bad, Infinity Ward. I might just forgive you for Modern Warfare 2 now.

They saw the chance.

They took the chance.

This reminds me so much of last year’s Sony announcement about how to share games on ps4…

So I’m Italian and I know what a train wreck the “italian bits” in Assassin’s Creed were in the whole Ezio Auditore saga (terrible voice impression, accents, unplausible words/expressions and sometimes just plain mumbling)

Now next game is set in France and I know how proud French people are about their language.

This is going to be fun.



State of Decay screenshot collection

how did you get a follower with a school girl-ish looking outfit. how did you do that? XD

Mods, my friend. :)