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Claptrap’s boat

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Inside the Dragon

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So I was able to enable no hud + flycam on Borderlands 2!

Get ready for some of the best screenshots you’ve ever seen! :D

Borderlands 2 + Third Person Mod

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So I started playing GamersGoMakers, which is a game developer simulator and there’s a feature that allows you to generate random game titles. At first I found it a little funny, I mean, this one was just silly..


And then the top ranking games of the year appeared and gave us these beauties..


"The Return of the End of Time" 

I also liked “Fortunate Ronald”, it sounded optimistic. We were laughing quite a lot at this point, how could this get any better?

But then..




Well that escalated quickly

Spec Ops: The Line is 80% off on steam and only £3 for the next two days. Do me a personal favour and get that game.

I mean it.

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Did you mean 


I made this card for my boyfriend, it’s actually his birthday tomorrow but I got too excited and gave him his card early :3

Happy Birthday n0l4n! x

Best birthday card I ever received in my entire life! :D

You’re the best girl ever, thank you kitty! 



i still can’t get over that the dragon age world is called Thedas because The Dragon Age Setting -> TheDAS -> Thedas

Lol I remember Jolee’s line in this scene made me laugh so much

He replies "twelve… no, wait… fifteen!"