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Watch_Dogs in a nutshell

State of Decay screenshot collection

I’m probably going to gamers hell for this but… Watchdogs is an alright game with lovely visuals and loads of content.

But the idea behind the game is just lame…


I’m just too stupid to play Rochard.

Which is a shame cuz I quite liked it.

But sadly I’m retarded. So it’s a no go.

U alright?

I’m actually glad I own the non-ultimate edition of tomb raider. I prefer the original lara WAY better.

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so my girlfriend started playing Fallout: New Vegas again, and I took the liberty to install some mods and take some screenshot of her character.

Here’s Kitty the wasteland courier. 


arya-underfoots said: I mean, look how much stuff it comes with. It comes with way more than the Borderlands 2 CE, which was $10 cheaper, and that was absolutely worth it


sure, it’s just… Idk call me old school but that feels like a shitload of money for a game. sure, it has extra game content and cool statuettes and stuff but it feels like a big money grabber based on the hype that was built around the game itself before it’s even released. and sure, the same can be said about any other big franchise title…

Idk, I’m one of those people who wants to play the game first, see what it’s like and how good it actually is by my own personal standards before going out of my way to buy merchandise about it.

but at the same time I hate to be restricted in the amount of game content itself because some of it might be pre-order only or special edition only.

I dunno, guess I’m old.

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You cannot ready.

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Kotor 2 - Telos Surface

I so want someone to remake KOTOR 2 but with all the cut material in the game.

Just install the Restored Content Mod and your wishes are granted :D

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Bao Dur u alright?