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Assassin’s Kittens Unity

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But why? He’s unarmed and surrendering :(

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"do you think they meant futile?”

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WTF, Capcom?!

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I never really cared for the gender of the protagonist in the games I play so after repeatedly hearing about sexism and disparity of representation in video games I decided to scan my steam library (235 games) and divide them into 4 categories: Male protagonist / Female protagonist / Not Available (strategy games and such) and Multi (games that allow the protagonist to be either male or female) and this is the result.

I have to say, I was expecting for the male protagonists to be in higher number but I wasn’t expecting the ratio Male/Female to be almost 10:1

That’s a lot…

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Hand of Fate on Steam

This game is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to anyone who likes action rpgs.

This game is still on early access but it has loads of content and an amazing game mechanics. 

Most original games I’ve seen in a long time. BUY IT. It’s only £15!

Axton action poses

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