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Why doesn’t anybody mention the fact that Mass Effect 3 is one of the only games in the last few years with a soundtrack worth remembering?

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Krogan food shop on Omega

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Mass Effect trilogy: Menu screens

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Mass Effect 2 scenery porn

EDI left joker for some dickhead with a nose ring.

what the fuck is wrong with her teeth in the first gif ?

I can’t get over it.

There’s just one that I’m still trying to make sense to, but can’t.

And I’m not an hater of the ending, I think ME3 was a great game after all. Not perfect but still really enjoyable and bla bla.



What’s this shit ?

I mean it, it’s an actual question, can anybody provide me with a decent answer, because I’m still puzzled, and it’s been a while since ME2.

As far as we know, the Reapers make one more Reaper out of every race they harvest. But they are all Leviathans shaped ! 

Why in the name of Grunt’s multiple genitalia is this one shaped like a big fucking human ? I still don’t get it. 

Also, imagine that thing “swimming” through space.

Anyway the question is: why a humanoid shape ?

Why three eyes ?

Anyone ?

ok, I take it all back, Citadel is the best DLC in the history of gaming.


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oh yeah sure. SUUUUUUURE. it’s not like we’ve actually played me3 already. it’s not like we just watched fucking paragon lost.