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Shepard - "Nothing in our fight against the Reapers has been that cut-and-dried."

Javik - "Because you still have hope this war will end with your honor intact."

Shepard - "I do."

Javik - Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters.

Shepard - "…"

Javik - "This silence is your answer."

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C-Sec officer passionately scratches his bum.

Grunt knows how to party

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Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
Trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it,
chicken, point it, zoom it, press it,
Snap it, work it, quick - erase it,
Write it, cut it, paste it, save it,
Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it,
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it,
Drag and drop it, zip - unzip it,
Lock it, fill it, call it, find it,
View it, code it, jam - unlock it,
Surf it, scroll it, chicken, click it,
Cross it, crack it, switch - update it,
Name it, rate it, tune it, print it,
Scan it, send it, fax - rename it,
Touch it, chicken, Pay it, watch it,
Turn it, leave it, start - format it.

Why doesn’t anybody mention the fact that Mass Effect 3 is one of the only games in the last few years with a soundtrack worth remembering?

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I seriously don’t understand people’s fascination with Dragon Age 2. I’m a big fan of the first game and how it felt unique in terms of storytelling and introducing a few new and more mature elements to it, I liked how that game gave you the feeling you could actually choose your path and shape the world’s history through your actions.

The second game just took away everything about it, you don’t have almost any choice in character customization (human male/female. 3 classes), there are no direct recalls to what happened in the first game which renders importing your save file almost useless. More importantly the game feels rushed, the story is boring, you get one billion repetitive sidequests that are just a chore to go through and that take place in the very same places over and over again. 

The game is boring and unappealing and it fails to deliver in any aspect of it: graphics, gameplay, level design and character design. Most of the game is a chore you have to go through in order to get the smallest reward and it’s not really worth it when there are so many other better rpgs out there (the witcher, anyone?)

There sure are positive bits to it too, I loved the fact you get to have the choice to make sarcastic comebacks and jokes but that sure isn’t enough to make a good game, expecially when it’s supposed to be the second installment of one of Bioware’s most important franchises.

I’m obviously looking forward to dragon age 3 and I hope they’ll be up to the hype they’ve built around it, sadly the second game is out there and it cannot be unplayed. such a disappointment, I seriously don’t understand people who just like that game because they have to fall for the hype about the whole franchise, let’s just try to be honest about whether a game is fun or not. The first game felt fresh and interesting and backed by an interesting story, the second game is just boring.

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Krogan food shop on Omega

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Quality Bioware product

Mass Effect trilogy: Menu screens

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Mass Effect 2 scenery porn