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This is beyond ridiculous

This is ridiculous. Though a lot of people don’t know that churches (I’m not sure if all, but I know that the Catholic church does) accept evolution and no longer believe in creationism. The only people who believe that shit anymore are crazy.

that’s fucking hilarious

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    This is obviously a book from a Sunday school because my science books and history books covered evolution properly so...
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    "Andrew McNally is an idiot" - this book.
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    Kill me and burn my remains, just in case seeing it has infected me somehow.
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    Only 3? Where are the hundreds of others that exist? She says as if that’s the only thing wrong with this picture.
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    this can’t be real…please tell me its not real….
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    "Young Earth Theory" might be a better start
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    Ignorance in the highest form.
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    There are actually more explanations than these for the origin of all matter. Granted, they’re kind of brainbending…
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    This isn’t from an actual school, is it? God, no wonder we’re backsliding as a leader in education. It’s ludicrous.
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    i really need to read up on creationism.
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