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One man is dead and another hospitalized after a bizarre assault off Miami’s MacArthur Causeway reportedly forced a police officer to open fire. The officer approached and saw that the naked man was actually chewing the other man’s head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he continued the assault, the officer shot him. The attacker continued to eat the man, despite being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots. According to CBS Miami, police sources said the victim had “virtually no face” and was unrecognizable.

the zombies….they’re…here….

((If there are zombies.

I will commit suicide.

I am so serious.))

I’m going to be a party pooper right now.

Here’s the article: link

It was also unclear how both men came to be naked, but police said the attacker might have been suffering from “cocaine psychosis,” a drug-induced craze that makes a person very hot, according to the Herald.

The guy was probably on a ton of drugs. idk i’ve seen stuff kind of like this happen on cops and stuff and things like this happen a lot. people get whacked out on drugs and just start ripping other people/themselves apart.

Fuck that noise, it’s zombies.

Good thing I prepared last night.


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